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  • This will help you to navigate around the Epic Store to purchase, download, and install GTA 5 for free.
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We reported yesterday that the Epic Games Store had GTA 5, or Grand Theft Auto 5, up for free and the rush to download the game had crashed the site. And that is understandable, given that GTA is one of the most iconic video games in the world and most people have played at least one version of it for the other. The players need to collect a number of character shards to recruit and ultimately increase the Star Rank of their characters. These character shards can be obtained by activities like playing campaign missions, collected by opening orbs, earned in events or Challenges, or purchased in the Store.

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The app, Grand Theft Auto iFruit , allows you to play side activities that will affect your GTA 5 experience. If you’re looking for mods that let you just get weird with it, then we’ve got to recommend the Vehicle Cannon add-on. Simply put, this mod lets you shoot cars out of your guns. While it’s true that this is the kind of mod that can easily crash your PC, it’s also the kind of mod that lets you generate hilarious amounts of chaos at will. You’ve got to love a good idea that’s well-executed, and that’s pretty much what you get here. As it turns out, the promise of playing GTA 5 with a variety of psychic powers is just as fun as you would imagine it would be.

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VisualV is a graphical mod that improves many of the textures in GTA V. The world of Los Santos looks stunningly realistic, with the weather, draw distance, and many other graphical features all being greatly improved. The one aspect to remember with a mod like this it takes a powerful machine to run. Players with older PC hardware should be wary about what this mod could do to their in-game frame rate. When looking for mods to download, the choices can be almost overwhelming.

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Niko can still access a phone before Roman gives him his old one. The only options on this phone are Multiplayer and Video Editor . Themes and advanced ringtones of the phone can be purchased via a website on the in-game internet.

The tall mountains around you shield you from opponents, cops, and other attackers. It’s one of the more perfect places to base your bunker operations. If you’re strapped for cash, keep an eye out for discounts on bunker properties.